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Data Records Lost/ Stolen by Industry

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E2Logicx is supporting National Enterprise Security & Cybersecurity Awareness by sharing actionable knowledge about Security. Our goal is to help organizations determine their readiness in taking charge of their security now, while preparing for the future.

Enterprise Security Threats

Cybercrime is a growth Industry. The returns are great, and the risks are low. We estimate that the likely annual cost to the global economy from Cybercrime is more than $400 Billion. A conservative estimate would be $375 Billions in losses, while the maximum could be as much as $575 Billion

Our Position...

of US executives are worried that cyber threats will impact growth.

- PwC, 17th Annual
Global CEO Survey

Cyber attacks are on the rise


Increase in Successful cyber attacks on business

- CYREN 2015 Cyber threat

Protect your data & business with SAP and its security solutions

Help Shield your business from attacks and protect your information assets with secure SAP sokutions and services. SAP’s core business is about business-critical information, and E2Logicx experts are dedicated to developing secure enterprise solutions - for cloud and on-premise deployments - to help ensure the security and privacy of your business in a networked economy.

Improve your security using our solutions, services and support designed with systematic and rigorous engineering by SAP.